Friday, August 1, 2008

Firefox works on Blogger

A few sites aren't accessible using MS Internet Explorer at this writing (including Mark Harris' Preludium and Scott Hankins' Fr. Scott & Company). I work with a PC, not Mac. I honestly don't know what the problem is, just letting people know if they want to swing by their favorite blogs tonight you might want to give Firefox a try.

I use Firefox as my primary browser, it has its good and bad points. The most annoying feature is that it seems to be a memory hog after a while, no matter how many times you work on cleaning out your cache.


Scott Hankins said...

Here's the answer (Mark and Terry!). Remove "sitemeter" from your blog. I did, and it's working fine now. Thanks, Lynn.

Mike in Texas said...

It's crazy today. Hundreds if not thousands of Blogger authors have been locked out of their own blogs by a spam detector gone wild.

I can't get into Mimi's or MPs blogs now either and a few others I've tried. Mine seems to be working.

I don't think I have "sitemeter" on my blog, but I do have MapStats. The little graphic link to it is not displaying, but the link still works. That's the only irregularity I've seen on my blog.

Scott Hankins said...


Your counter is probably ok. I know Mark and Mimi are using "sitemeter". When I removed it, I was able to access my blog again.