Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ah, just watch this...

(See Fred's post below - Let it Ring, for more info. Thanks, Fred. It's terrific.)


Leonardo Ricardo said...

I think you are more sensitive than I am you two...nothing like friends like Fred and Lynn to get most of lifes priorities back into focus again.

(do you suppose your Banana Cream Wedding Cake arrived unharmed for the reception?)

Lynn said...

Leonardo, though fully admitting to being an old softie for love - the most important thing to remember is the intended audience. It was intended to speak to moderate-to-liberal straights to my thinking. Putting them into another's moccasins - and I think it does that well.

(Plus, I'm an old softie for love... and marriages that last a lifetime.)

Fred Schwartz said...

Yes, I will admit to that. Whe nI first saw this there was a sort of double take. At first I thought of my wife and I and cannot imagine us never being married and then it really hit home -- and I thought WOW! you bet!

Anonymous said...

That's exactly how it felt to me. I guess I should say "still feels", 'though it was a long time ago now. Hurts.

(And yeah, another softie signing in here.) :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lynn and friend. Our Straigh Friends are essential in this.

The ad is effective. BUT the pro-initiative, anti-marriage folks are pulling in the money--the Mormons are the latest starting a screed from the pulpit.

Equality for all is the coalition opposing the initiative and supporting our marriage. We have asked that people donate in our honor to Equality for All in lieu of wedding presents.

Keep IT's and BP's marriage legal!