Thursday, July 3, 2008


I'm setting this up on the fly - with no knowledge of blogger and not a great deal on my mind. Post an opinion, a prayer request, a (clean) joke, a recipe, or even a shameless pitch for a great topic on your own blog. For the first few days I will probably delete any post that seems to denigrate anyone I care about, so just be forewarned; don't pout or yell "unfair!" Friends may disagree with each other but do try to keep it civil. "You're stupid" is not a a convincing argument if you disagree with

I'm looking for good contributions on all things liberal and Anglican, and perhaps an extra moderator or two. I don't pretend to know all the friends of my friends who have been out the blog-land for much longer. I'm not feeling much of a need to use this as my personal sounding board, but you'll see my opinionated nature shine through now and again.

Let's just let this become what it will, for as long or short a time as needed.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lynn for setting this up for us!

James said...

That anonymous was me - James

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the family together. But I have to warn you. At times like this, this can go a little crazy.

Scott Hankins

Anonymous said...

Scott Hanins

David G. said...

Why Scott, I can't imagine what you are chattering on about {grin}?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lynn! One of the things I will miss at Jake's Place is the community. Thanks for giving us a place to keep together!

David G. said...

The prescript isn't correct.

Shouldn't it say : If you're not sure why you are here, you are probably visiting the right place.

Or is that a New Blog?!?

Anonymous said...

I must be in the right place. It sure looks like some of the usual "suspects"


Lynn said...

Nice to see people checking in - I didn't want to say "Jake's Place ex-pats" in the welcome message.
I didn't think this through with a plan (can you tell), so for now -

Just crab a cup of coffee, a cucumber sandwich and just say high. Ideas are welcome. Just don't post the address on certain places that will remain nameless.

Lynn said...

Oh, guys, say HI, not get "high."

James said...

Well it must be offical -- the old home place says it's open to invited readers only.

Anonymous said...


David G. said...

not get "high."

Too Late!! God made it a useful plant, who am I to judge his works.

But then my "high" might be another persons "low".

James said...

David; any guesses as to why my gavitar isn't workign here?

Cany said...

woo hoo! thanks, Lynn:)

BTW... just wandered into this post about the situation with GAFCON having to move... boy, this is SO different than anything i have read.

James, re your gravatar: did you check the google/blogger identity box when leaving your comment?

How are you feeling, BTW? OK?

David G. said...

James, Google/Blogger is a separate site, since I have an account on Blogger, my avatar (which is the same on both Blogger and Gravatar) shows up here. Gravatar is a separate site, that worked with Halo Scan, Jake's choice for comments on his blog.

You can set up a blogger/google account for free, and make it private if you so choose. And your profile picture (Mine Shield on Colors)...will show up on posts in blogger that use blogger comment services.

David G. said...

I just checked Jakes and it was open again . . .

James said...

Yes, did check the Google box. :(

I'm very tired. I'm having another surgery on 11th. Thanks for aking.

Lynn said...

Guys, here's a little teaser on that article cany posted about. It's Don Harvey's account of GAFCON, and he certainly has a different bit of information about the "pre-con" meeting:
"Alas, after only one day our plans were completely disrupted when the Jordanian authorities, for reasons still unknown to us, abruptly withdrew our permit to hold a conference, and our Chairman, Archbishop Peter Akinola (despite holding a diplomatic passport) was denied access to the country. (Emphasis mine).

I hadn't heard this take on the move from Jordan to Jerusalem, and I'm just pull-quoting Don Harvey's post; I encourage you to read it in context. There's nothing to make anyone uncomfortable that I could see in a fast read. Mercy, I may be starting an attack of the killer bees here, despite my good intentions. Nah, blame it on cany :-)

Lynn said...

Guys, I'm turning into a pumpkin. Rest assured I will check by in the morning, and I made sure to learn how to delete ugly comments on the off-chance...I don't think we are "important" enough to rate a real drive-by, but I'll be doing my best for ya.

James said...

thanks for the link. I found this bit to be the most interesting, and the most telling: "All 1200 of us crowded together on these steps, drank in the historical and spiritual significance, and at the end of our time of prayer joined in singing Fanny Crobsie’s rousing hymn To God be the Glory"

Ah, yes, Fanny Crosby (they couldn't even spell her name correctly). She was a lifelong Methodist (the pietistic type of Methodists who are impossible to distinquish from Southern Baptists). She wrote some great hymns though!

Fred Schwartz said...

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Thanks to the Who

Grendel said...

I tried to get high but I Fell off the Couch. It was Too High.

Do you know what you are getting yourself into?

Lynn said...

Grendel, if I had really thought about what I was taking on, I doubt this blog would exist. I found the "Delete this blog" button on the settings panel to be very comforting!

James said...

Lynn, I no nothing about blogging, but if you need a couple of "assistant moderators," I'll volunteer to be one of them.

dorothy said...

Lynn, thank you so much, you brave, brave and generous soul!

Lynn said...

James (and any other brave volunteers), email me at

lynn-soup at mindspring dot com

My primary concern is making this a safe place, so a couple of trusted souls who will at least help keep watch for meanies will be a real blessing. And if you want to help out with content, even better!

Anonymous said...

For those of you that want to avoid coming up as our famous friend "Anonymous," The trick is to click on the radio button that says Name/URL. You don't have to enter a URL, just type in your usual handle or name. You can also sign into your blogger account if you have one, but it isn't necessary.

I know that graphic thingy with the random letters is annoying, but it does keep some of the annoying 'bot generated spam away. And since those are often pornographic in nature, I think I'm going to leave it up for a while. I'm not inclined to moderate comments or require registration at this time, but I'll probably put up a poll on that before long. Or not.

I care about all of you - not the blog.

Lynn said...

Darn, that last about avoiding the nom de plume/nom de guerre "Anonymous" was mine. I clicked that darn radio button to write out instructions and forgot to go back and post with my Blogger identity. Gee, how do these things happen? It's so darn human I don't think I'll edit it.

James said...

An interesting article in the Church Times. At the bottom of the page is a place to go vote on whether the GAFCON has made the church better o worse.

IT said...

David H. is setting up a group blog at

I think it will take a lot more than 2 blogs to fill the gap left by Jake's departure, so I don't htink it will be a duplication of effort.

Stop by and say "hi".


Lisa Fox said...

Thanks for doing this, Lynn. I am so heartsick, that I haven't been able to find words to post a comment on Jake's last blog. I just keep hitting "refresh" and reading what others are writing, nodding, and saying, "Yeah, me too." :(

Maybe your place will help some of us work thru the stages of grief.

I don't know that I can contribute much if anything here. Reach me thru my Facebook page if you need to.

Lynn said...

Please, everyone, do go over and visit David H's site, and just generally support all of our blogging cohorts. It will take a large group of people to fill the gap left by Jake's Place. No ego here, and I'm happy to help in any consolidated effort if that's how this evolves. I have an ego, but not about blogging.

Please, shamelessly promote your own blogs, or the ones you enjoy visiting, and tell us why. I know and visit many of them, but not all of them. Maybe I'll set up a topic.

it said...

I think there's lots of room, for ruminations and serious posts and vigorous discussion and of course food.

Also, it may not be a bad idea to share the traffic around--keeps the trolls jumping.

Anyone interested in joining the group blog, and Lynn, this means you too, should shoot David H. an email or post in the comments.

And this is an open-access internet. If you have things to say, then you should consider whether to open a blog of your own, too. Scott H, I'm thinking you are a blogger-in-waiting....

Quite a legacy if Jake leaves a number of new bloggers in his wake. I'm expecting a very impressive blogroll.

Scott Hankins said...

Well, IT, you are the fourth person to say so. The responsibility makes me nervous about time-management. If I were to blog, I would want to do it "right" (residual perfectionism). :) Thanks for the nudge.

(btw, if I have been making any of you sensitive souls nervous by posting over my real name, please don't be. I do it purposefully and consciously.)


Padre Mickey said...

Hi folks. I'm happy to see many of the usual suspects gathering in one of two spots.

Caminante said...

Thanks... I am not quite ready yet to let go of the Jake crowd.


Jake said...

Apparently, I'm not ready to let go, either.

Thanks for doing this, Lynn. Watch out, though! This "hobby" is highly addictive.

To get info for posts, you may want to set yourself up with a news feed, so you can read lots of blogs and news sites quickly. I like "Bloglines." Easy to use, and free. Setting up a few "Google alerts" is helpful as well.

Have fun. We'll see you in September.



Lynn said...

Jake - Terry )lol),

Thanks for the suggestions. I've been looking through the software that works with Blogger in between that have-a-life thing.

Blogger makes it easy for you to start these days - but that means it's also easy to do a half-job of it, too. I've always had a legion of pros to help me out on web projects, so I just acquired a few emergency skills. Guess I'll be learning a few things; I hear that helps stave off senility, or at least keeps you from being a bore.

fs said...

Thanks for doing this, Lynn! And now I see that James and IT, along with Padre Mickey, have also set up places for us to congregate. It's so good to see familiar names, and Fred's Sixties lyrics, again.

I guess this is the beginning of Jake's Spawn. :-D

The community lives on!

James said...

fs - can I use taht "Jake's Spawn" line??

fs said...

But of course, James. I'm honored.