Sunday, July 6, 2008

Prayer requests are never OT

It is officially Sunday here in Virginia, somehow the Lord's day has begun even though my mind is still in Saturday mode. So often we are posting "O.T. - prayers requested," but nothing is really off topic here. Particularly prayer.

So, right now, right here...prayer requests are on topic.


Fred Schwartz said...

I would like to ask/offer prayers for those members of Doctors without Borders who have worked to create plumpy nut. This is a concoction that provides nutrition to hundreds of children in Africa now and with prayer and help could help feed many thousands more. Doctors without Borders is living the Millenium Development Goals making them come to fruition.

James said...

1) Prayers for my parish, St. James', who just called a priest who is not male.
2) I have a surgery next Friday and I would welcome some prayers. Also, an unspoken intention taht looms heavy over my head.

Lynn said...

Continued prayers, please, for my friends dad: Papa Doc (of Daytona, not Haiti). The Doc had his first surgery the end of may and hasn't left ICU except to go to the OR.

Which means, of course, prayers for his family - particularly E., my friend, and I., his beloved wife of more than 60 years.

Anonymous said...

Prayers ascending for all the requests-spoken or left unspoken. I ask your prayers for my sister and me and our mother and father. Our parents are going into an assisted living arrangement on Monday. My mother has severe Altzh., and she is very angry about "being put away". My dad can no longer take care of her at the farm.
Thank you.

IT said...

James, please keep us informed of how you are doing. I know you have had persistant health issues recently so we are thinking of you.

amyj, this will be me in a few years. Again, warmest thoughts.

IT (atheists don't pray but offer good will.)

Lynn said...

I would like to add a most urgent request for Dan H., the youngest son of a wonderful friend. For now, physical healing - he had a terrible accident that was, I'm afraid, caused by his own actions. For now, one battle at a time.

Prayers ascending for all your requests, and I thank you for those all of you have sent up.

At IT - good wishes are are always fine in my book, and I bet everyone here agrees! A good and open heart is just that.

JCF said...

For a dreadful situation, which I have related over on MadPriest's here and here (friend-of-an-online-friend, brutalized very nearly to death, by a boy-"friend").

And for myself, as I try to figure out the NEXT steps in my Coming Out process, w/ my father (since the first didn't take, so well! ;-0)

...and prayers vis-a-vis my continuing jobless sitch (I've had the best bite in over a YEAR, from a Certain Large Midwestern University: pray that this opportunity---or perhaps another---comes to some kind of fruition, i.e., AT LEAST an in-person interview?)

Anonymous said...


I was SO waiting for you to show up.

With uplifted hands in your direction.....

Lynn said...

Well hey there, JCF. Glad you stopped by. I did read the story you posted over at MP's place about your friend's neighbor. Consider me speechless; I will be praying for the brutalized woman, her daughter, and all her care about them.