Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blessings on Fr. Terry Martin!

Who is this unmasked man?

Please head on over to read the good news about Fr. Terry Martin...spreading the Good News.
Father T. Listens to the World: Seeking God Around the Globe
. And it's actually his day job, too - Fr. Terry is the new Program Officer for Evangelism at the Episcopal Church Center.

There are postings by almost everyone on the blog roll, so go visit the usual suspects - and details at James' blog.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

I'm posting here too...you never can be sure when a desert is going to show up...THREE CHEERS for Father Terry! Father Terry! Father Terry!

(can you imagine all the cool stuff he's going to cook up with all the non-food recipes we've shared with him?)

I'm hungry already!

David G. said...

I like these new blogs BETTER!!