Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby, it's hot outside

It's a balmy 90 degrees F. at 10:00 pm here in Washington, DC. Our bishops are in spiritual retreat, driving the press corps to distraction because they aren't acting like delegates at a political convention. Somehow something cool and caffeine-free seems in order, so yep - a recipe. I posted this a while back at Fr. Jakes, and it is courtesy of the cool and elegant Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten.

Ina Garten's Iced Tea Refresher
4 Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger tea bags
4 Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger tea bags
4 cups pure apple juice (such as Martinelli's Gold Label)
4 cups boiling water

Steep the 8 tea bags in the boiling water for about 10-12 minutes.
Discard the tea bags, stir in the apple juice and refrigerate until ice cold. Serve over ice.


Anonymous said...

This is SO funny and serendipitous. Grab my blog at midnight.


James said...

NOOOOOOO WIREEEEEEEEEEEEE HANG----I mean, NOOOOOO TEABAGS!!!!! Loseleaf tea only. Ach, you apostates. :)

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Okey, but, that sounds nice and all of that but today I went to a luncheon, lovely home, great art (however, none of mine...yet), wonderful food and they served Rosa de Himica (with lavish moments of canela and lemon whispering through) on ICE! It's wonderful, it's the top banana of thirst quenchers down here in wherever I think I am.

I love you for all that you do (and serve),

Devotedly and quenched,

Leonardo Ricardo

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Holy Spanglishnutso I think one spells Okay this way (hey, it rhymes)...sorry but you invited clodhopper to Tea (who lives accross the street from a Coffee Plantation) it seems!

Anonymous said...


Anywhere near Columbia? I sat next to that bishop at one of our clergy gatherings. He needed coffee. I went to get some from the nearest dealer. He wasn't impressed by the coffee (except for noting that it probably came from Columbia), but he was impressed with the hospitality. Apparently Columbia wants to establish an anglophone congregation. I pray for the poor fool who answers, "yes".

Lynn said...

Leonardo, I am of course clueless on the beverage you are praising - and my three years of high school Spanish have only gotten me as far as, possible - cinnamon and lemon flavorings?

Blondie here did figure out that "top banana" does not mean it's a refresco a la Costa Rica.

Try green tea with pear nectar, ice cold.

Lynn said...

James, feel free to remove the Celestial seasons tea from the bags (and let me know how that works for 'ya with herbal tea...ROFL)

When we get in the middle of Lambeth doldrums, count on a recipe for scones - yes, I promise, not uber-sugared to American tastes.

p.s. - Fred and I do want to get all the recipes collected, days gone by and current. Start thinking guys, and stay tuned. A little housekeeping here at OTA first (including switching to Haloscan).

Leonardo Ricardo said...

ASK JAKE if we can trollaround through the archives for recipes...we can take oaths that we won't copy other stuff (or in my case delete part of mine) as we must prepare for the Grand Jury Investigation of Akinola...whoops, just kidding.

Lynn said...

Leonardo, I have had that same thought about the recipes. I wonder how Haloscan archives comments...if it is possible to get more than a mass of text and code.

If anyone reading here has ideas...let me know. :-)

Leslie Littlefield said...

This looks wonderful! I shall go and get the tea and juice needed to make it tomorrow.
Many Blessings to you...

IT said...

I've got a lot (but by no means all) of th Jake recipes.