Friday, July 4, 2008

Archbishop Fred Hiltz on the GAFCON Statement

I always like to read what Fred Hiltz has to say about any big issue in the Anglican Communion. Somehow Canadians can tell it like it is without starting a war, a rather useful talent. Many of us have been a little distracted about the closing of a certain blog, and I know I missed this the other day. Do read the full statement here, but here's a teaser:

"The Gospel of God in Christ is faithfully proclaimed by Canadian Anglicans today just as it has been by generations who have gone before us. I believe it is important to state this truth in response to the recent statement from the GAFCON gathering in Jerusalem, which suggests otherwise.

The GAFCON statement is based on a premise that there is 'acceptance and promotion within the provinces of the Anglican Communion of a different gospel which is contrary to the apostolic gospel.' The statement specifically accuses Anglican churches in the Canada and the United States of proclaiming this 'false gospel that has paralysed the Communion.' I challenge and repudiate this charge."

Sorry, no pithy commentary - but go ahead and have a good chat about it if this interests you.


Ann said...

challenge and repudiate--- me too.

Scott Hankins said...

Where is this "apostolic good news" these gafcon-ites claim to have? I can't remember hearing any from them. Ever.

On the other hand, I listened to one of our bishops a few days ago share more than an hour of non-stop good news about recent visits to Columbia, Jerusalem, and the Diocese of Boga (East Congo). The essence of the good news he shared with us was the welcome he received in those places and the joys of the episcopal and sacerdotal ministries he was invited to share in those places. The bishop's joyful respect for the quality of faith and relationship he found and shared in those places was infectious and healing.

When he said, "Just one more story, and then I'll shut up," I heard myself saying to him spontaneously, "Please! Don't stop!" (and for those of you who know the joke along those lines, I was only slightly embarrassed to hear myself saying it with exactly that kind of passion).

We need to hear more good news. Authentic apostolic good news gives the lie to the false charges of the gafcon-ites. As someone very dear to us once said, "Love covers ("drowns out") a multitude of sins."


Cany said...

it really is a nice statement, Lynn, you are right.

when I first went to the site the first thing I noticed was the cross among flowers and a butterfly. How nice. Here it might be among tall urban buildings ans smog. Argh.

But I digress...sgweqgi